Air Hockey Is The Favorite Arcade Game

If you have to vote for a favorite arcade game, I think air hockey will be in high demand all over the world. It is really great for entertainning family and friends. And the playing rules were accepatable easily. You can also reach consensus with others in case there comes the conflicts and arguments in the game.

The air hockey game trains you the ability to respond to things quickly. Then how does it goes in generally? In common rules, the first one to get seven goals will win. Either one can not across the center wire. Besides mallet pusher, anything else are not allowed to touch puck. Otherwise, the opponent will get the goal score.

The air hockey game is so exciting. You will forget times once you are involved into it.

The best air hockey table for the beginers
It comes with full motors, an digital score system, and a mechanization punched hole makes the wind out average.

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