Air Hockey Table Games Rules & Guide

Air hockey table game is so favorite in friends and family. It is super fun to get an air hockey table game gathering off work or study.
That is why HLCsportstoys has provided you with a complete guide that will help you know about air hockey games. With the instruction, we are confident that you will be able to spend pleasant moments of entertainment on air hockey games. Before you start playing air hockey game, you need to master the construction and rules of air hockey games.

Learn the basics of air hockey table
If you're the beginner to the air hockey, you need to know much on it and the accepted games rules. Most air hockey tables has a trackable digital score caculator. It keeps update and shows clearly the current scores for both sides. Puck and mallets are necessary for the game. Both sides holds one mallet to compete to push the puck to the hole at the ends of each player's defensive zone. The first one to get 7 points will win.

Rules of playing air hockey table game
1 Deciding which side gets the first pushing
2 Get one point when the puck fall into your opponent's goal completely.
3 Block and push the puck when it reaches across the centerline.
4 Bounded by centerline, each player stays behind or aside own table.
5 Mallets can't be away from the table top
6 Don't touch the puck with hands, arms or other body parts
7 At the end of each round, swithing the player who pushes first.

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