Are there toys for "living toys" and "dead toys"?

Are there toys for "living toys" and "dead toys"?

Indeed, there have been such clear classifications of toys as early as centuries ago. Different from what everyone usually understands, those high-tech toys can make sounds, glow, run, fly, and look like " living toys ". In fact, they are " dead toys ". The simplest toys, such as the ball, the building block, and even the sand and stones look like "dead toys" but are actually "live toys."

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Why is there such a saying ? Because the "dead" and "live" mentioned here refer to the action and reaction of the child when playing with toys. When playing with those electronic toys (or battery-operated toy), the child's movements are rigid, and the child's thinking is sluggish, so these toys are "dead toys." And for toys such as ball blocks, children can shoot it, pinch her, put it, and mold it. It will be in an ever-changing form. At this time, the child's movements are flexible and the ideas are creative, so these toys are "living toys."

Today, with the development of science and technology and the development of business, toys can be described as diverse. However, if we follow the classification criteria of "dead toys" and "living toys", and reclassify various toys, we will find that Most of the children's entertainment time is controlled and occupied by "dead toys."

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When my child was young, I was always keen on buying electronic toys. It was colorful and beautiful. He played what he had, but he was most interested in various balls. Every time he plays the ball, he is always excited to make a cheerful voice. When he learned to climb, he began to chase the ball and climb quickly. When he was older, he would sway and chase the ball..... His interest is not on the toys that I personally find fun.

From then on, I gradually discovered some of my children's interest in toys and no longer buy toys indiscriminately. Later, after the child grew up, I often took her to play with the children in the community. The sand zone that is specially prepared for the children is their favorite place and they really enjoy it.

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Dead toy ( I ): electric toy
Including :toy robots, remote control helicopters, and cars, train models, etc.
This type of toy has a particularly distinctive feature: it is "expensive" and it is not easy to repair if it is broken. Because of the high price, parents always ask their children to be careful when playing, to avoid damage to toys. The second feature is the potential danger of electronic toys, which are mostly metal and plastic products that are powered by batteries. These toys will fly and run and the toy track is not well controlled, it is easy to hurt people. It needs to play at a specific venue and under the supervision of parents. Finally, it is easy to run out of power and requires frequent battery replacement or charging. Charging for a long time, the time to use and play is not long.

Even with high scrap rates, electronic toys are still the “mainstream” of toy stores. Business propaganda always emphasizes that these toys can help children to exercise their hand and brain coordination ability. In fact, most of the time, adults are coordinating the hands and brains to operate toys, and children are watching. These toys are often fresh for a few days when they were first bought, and later they are collected in boxes or damaged and discarded. For most children, the price/performance ratio of electronic toys is very low.
Giant oversize Big Stuffed toy
Dead Toy ( II ): Image Toy
Including: Barbie, Transformers, various dolls, etc.
This is a cute type of toy, which is very easy to generate consumer impulses. If the doll is safe in material, cute in appearance and exquisite in making, it is also a toy suitable for children. However, because these dolls do not have any "entertainment" value, most of the time they are used by girls for housework or something. The design and aesthetics of the doll will also have a certain negative impact on the child. Some children are influenced by Barbie's aesthetic style and hope to become a "perfect figure" through plastic surgery.

In recent years, through the wide spread of social media, the design of doll toys has shown a not-so-good trend. Many dolls are more than the size of an adult, and it seems that the over size makes the doll look cuter. But in fact, huge dolls just take up space in the corner of the room. It is neither convenient for play nor convenient for storage and cleaning. The children will be attracted to the "big doll" at first, but in the end, the most favorite is the little doll that can be held in the hand.

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Live toy one: educational toys
Includes: building blocks, cubes, sports toys, brushes and easels
Educational toys have very good play value, but because of their simple construction, low cost and low profit margin, they are not the type that toy manufacturers are keen to promote.

Building blocks toy: Building blocks are toys belonging to the "original level" and can be said to be the ancestors of all toys. The biggest benefit of this toy is the use of simple elements to create diverse results that stimulate the child's imagination and creativity.

kids play sports toys together

Sports Toys: This is almost the most loved toy in the world! No matter where you are, sports toys are a great choice for a naturally active child! The child's trajectory affects the toy, the body interacts with the toy under the guidance of the mind, and the child experiences a variety of happiness. In short, every time you play with it, the results are different!

Easel and brush: Yes. Crayons are toys that can draw pictures, not the tools to learn to draw! - I don't know if parents can understand this sentence. When the crayon is used as a toy, there is no need to set rules for learning. Painting tools can be used simply as toys for children. In the context of the game, parents should let the children scribble or paint at will. No matter how naive or outrageous his paintings are, don't interfere. Because the judgment is made according to the perspective of adults. Graffiti is a way for children to know the world and to express things. It is a process of his own experience. What parents should never do is say "this should be like this". They only need to place an easel, encourage children to fill lines and colors casually, and learn to respect and appreciate the child's "work".

children play with Wooden Art Easel

Live Toy 2: Natural Toys
Including: sand, mud, stones, branches, leaves, insects, etc.
Mud: The world's most affordable children's toys. Children who play sand and mud have the most creativity and imagination. Playing mud is very beneficial to the development of intelligence. This is the most varied and thought-provoking form of play. Children play with sand, and every little game is free to regulate hundreds of millions of sand to create any shape and object. The fun of this is unmatched by any other toy.

Stones and branches: Because of the height, the child's perspective is much lower than that of adults. Therefore, they often find magical things that are ignored by adults: a good-looking stone, a piece of colored glass, a branch that can be used as a magic wand... Parents are very repulsive to these dirty ones! But children Can gradually understand our world through a small thing.

children like to play in nature

Insects: How sad it is for children to know animals only from books. The most frequent example is when the child sees the real beetle and says, “It’s not like this. The size of the beetle in the book is much larger than this.” The insects in the book occupy half a page, but he is really bigger than the real thing?

The essence of play is to be happy. When a child's play is attached to any purpose of learning and exercising, it is not fun anymore. In many cases, we are too much to pursue "goals", and when we pursue our goals, we place too much emphasis on "forms." In fact, the easiest way will be more useful in educating children.

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