Foosball Table Maintenance - Tips You Should Know to Make it Perform Better

Did you find some dirt marks, crumbs, water spots and more on the foosball table using over time? In order to keep the foosball table running in good condition, you should make regular maintenance. In that case, it will extend the table life and keep you fun on the game.
Taking care of your foosball table is not hard, and it won't take you too much time.

How to wipe off the dirty and stains on foosball tabletop?
Keeping the tabletop standing;
Absorb the liquids with clean and dry cloth;
Adding a little achohol on another clean cloth, wipe it out again;
Dusting the table with soft brusher;
Wiping out the little crumbs and debris by using dried soft cloth;
After clean it, cover the table with a big size cloth till next time using.

How to maintain the foosball accessories?
Wipe the surface evenly regularly in clean cloth;
Adding a little alcohol on another clean cloth to wipe it out again;
Well lubricate the rods bearing with liquid silicone or spray;
Spin the rods multiple.