How old is too old for a trampoline?

How old is too old for a trampoline?

how old is trampolines

The trampoline is very popular among children. Many families also use the trampoline as fitness equipment. A small size fitness trampoline is ideal for home use and can be folded up and placed in the corner of the storage room when not in use. In order to ensure the safe use of trampoline toys, the protective mat, mesh cover and any components should be inspected and replaced frequently. If the trampoline parts are not usable, worn or damaged, the trampoline should be discarded and can no longer be used.

Trampoline steel frame

The service life of important components of the trampoline:

1. Trampoline steel frame
The steel frame of the trampoline (including the column, the reinforced bar, the reinforcing bar, the crossbar, the round pipe of the fence) is made of galvanized steel pipe, which is mainly used for the construction of the overall structure of the trampoline and the fixed kneading surface. The service life is about 3 years. When inspecting the steel frame, pay attention to whether the screws at the fixing are loose and whether the steel pipe is broken.

 Trampoline soft pack

2. Trampoline soft pack
Ordinary soft packs usually contain PVC skin + pearl cotton, which is mainly used to avoid the direct collision width between the user and the trampoline frame. The PVC skin includes a surface coating and a lining polyester cloth, which has a service life of about 2-3 years. When inspecting, pay attention to whether the surface is damaged or cracked, whether the seam is off the line, and whether the sponge inside the soft bag is displaced.

Trampoline kneading surface

3. Trampoline kneading surface
The common kneading surface is made of PP material, and the colors include blue, black and yellow. It is mainly used to carry users and assist users in various actions. The load-bearing capacity varies according to the type of trampoline. The service life is about 2 years. Before using the trampoline, remember to check whether there are cracks, whether the thread is off the line, and whether the joints are correctly spliced ​​and aligned.

wearing parts of Trampoline

4. Trampoline wearing parts
As an important accessory, the material of the trampoline spring is generally manganese steel. Springs are wearing parts and the number of stretching is limited. The state of the spring must be carefully checked before use. Make sure the spring is not deformed or rusted. In the static state, the spring can continue to be used if it is not stretched. If the spring is stretched under the static state, the use period has expired and needs to be replaced.

maintenance and repair of the trampoline

The maintenance and repair of the trampoline is a compulsory course for the user. The trampoline used daily should also be cleaned. Generally, you can wipe it with a towel after use. If stains need to be removed with a cleaning solution, it is best to use a mild, non-foaming cleaning product. The towel to be wiped needs to be wrung out, and the cleaning agent needs to be wiped clean to prevent the inner liner from getting wet, causing harmful bacteria such as mold. If conditions permit, the trampoline can be placed in outdoor sunlight on a regular basis and sterilized by ultraviolet radiation.

trampoline placed in outdoor sunlight