How To Clean Kid's Toys ?

Toys are indispensable partners for children, but some toys have a short life span. For example, wooden toys may be rough due to long-term beating; metal toys may rust, plush toys may be contaminated with large amounts of bacteria, and internal circuits of electric toys may malfunction. If you want to maintain the life of toys of different types and materials to ensure the health and safety of children, the cleaning and maintenance of toys are extremely important.

How To Safely Clean Kid's Toys

The way of cleaning and maintenance are mainly classified according to the material of the toy.

1. Plastic toys
The cleaning of plastic toys is relatively simple. For plastic toys without batteries, you can clean them with clean water or detergents that are harmless to children to ensure the toys are clean and hygienic. It should be noted that the metal components of the toys should not be washed. For plastic toys with batteries, you can dissolve the baking soda in the water, wipe it with a soft cloth and then dry it.

The best way to clean plastic toys

2. Fluffy toys
Plush toys can easily become a hotbed of mites and bacteria, and frequent cleaning is very important. Sun exposure is the simplest and most labor-saving method of cleaning plush toys. Ultraviolet light can effectively kill some invisible bacteria. The surface of the toy and the dirt inside it can be cleaned with water and laundry detergent. During the drying process, it is necessary to intermittently beat the plush toy to make the surface and the filling fluffy and soft, and restore the shape before washing. Be sure to read the marked washing instructions before washing to avoid deformation of the doll after washing.

How often should toys be cleaned

3. Wooden toys
Wood materials are prone to mildew in humid environments, so they are not suitable for washing and cleaning. It is best to take them in the sun and keep the toys dry. When cleaning wooden toys, wipe the surface of the toy with a clean rag and diluted alcohol. After wiping, place the toy in a ventilated place and turn it from time to time to ensure that the different sides are fully dry.


Toy Cleaning and Disinfection Procedure

The durability of toys is greatly related to the quality of the toys themselves. Therefore, as long as you make appropriate choices before purchase, maintain them regularly, they can be used for a long time.