How to keep kids safe when they are in swings ?

Small metal swing sets as an outdoor play toy are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to active fun in the yard.
When using kids swings, parents should make sure the swing sets meet safety standards.

The following tips can help keep kids safe when they are in swings:

1. The swing area should be separated from other activity areas.
To protect the children from inadvertently breaking into the swing area and causing an accident,
the entrance to the swing area should be facing the swing sets.

child swing enjoyment

2. Choose the flattest part of your yard.
Metal swing sets weigh a lot less than wooden swing sets. That means the legs should be well-secured.
Read the installation manual carefully and consider the overall design/footprint of the structure.

swing set placement

3. Don't let your child play the swing alone.
When the child is swinging, parents should never leave the child to play alone.
If the child is not playing the swing correctly, parents can protect the child at any time and avoid dangers.

parents play swing with children

4. Don't overdo the height and excitement.
Some children are not satisfied with the slight shake when they play the swing, they will constantly look for excitement.
Parents must stop this behavior in time to prevent children from being injured.

Toddler Swing Set

5.Swing in the right sitting position.
Sitting? Standing? Or use a variety of funny postures?
Some children are very familiar with the swing.
So when they are playing, they are not willing to "follow the rules".
If you care about your child's safety, please let them sit in the right posture and swing.
Both hands must grasp the ropes on both sides to keep the center of gravity stable.

baby metal swing sets

6. Wait until the swing is completely still before the child can come down.
When the children do not want to continue playing the swing,
the parents should wait until the swing of the swing becomes smaller,
then hold the swing tightly and let it stay still.
Children must wait patiently and don't kneel when the swing is still moving.
The inertia of the swing will cause the children to fall to the ground.
It will easily cause head injuries.

baby swing sets safety instruction