Playing table tennis can treat myopia?

Some ophthalmologists believe that playing table tennis can help children treat myopia.
When children play table tennis, their two eyes aim at the ball and constantly observe the trajectory of table tennis.
This process causes the eye muscles to alternately contract and relax, promote blood supply and metabolism of the eye tissue, and improve the tension of the eye muscles, thereby restoring vision or healing myopia.
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This sounds reasonable.
When playing table tennis, the human eye follows the ball and does have a certain amount of exercise.
But there is another way of saying it.

The player finishes the batting action mainly not relying on eyesight, but relying on the prejudgment in an instant!
That is to say, when the opponent hits the ball, it is necessary to predict the direction of the ball and the possible landing point, and perform the reaction in advance or synchronously.
Because the table tennis ball is small and light, the speed of hitting is too fast, and it is difficult to observe the small ball in motion by the eyes.
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In fact, the scientific saying is that playing table tennis can help treat pseudo-myopia in adolescents,
but it is impossible to cure every kind of myopia.
Most children's initial myopia is usually pseudo-myopia.
As long as you pay attention to eye hygiene, your eyes will be fully rested and relaxed to gradually recover.
It is better to use a proper eye-specific exercise.

For example, looking into the distance can help the eye muscles to relax; running the eyeball or consciously blinking frequently can promote blood circulation in the eye.
Although these methods are simple and easy to perform, they have a good effect on exercising vision and preventing myopia. Prevention and treatment of myopia is not an exclusive patent for table tennis.
health benefits of playing table tennis
By playing table tennis to cure myopia, I am afraid there is no obvious effect.
But there is one point that does not need to be verified,
that is, the exercise effect of playing table tennis is very good!

Safety is the first consideration when juvenile children choose sports.
Since the table tennis participants are confronted at the two ends of the table through the net,
it is safer than sports that have direct physical contact or collision such as football and basketball.
It is suitable for teenagers who are not mature in physical and mental state.

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