Shopify vs Amazon: Which shopping Platform Should You Use?

Both Shopify and Amazon are very famous in the e-commerce world.
When it comes to choosing an e-commerce shopping Platform and store, you will have thousands of possibilities. With so many stores and products available online, consumers are suffering from decision fatigue. So, knowing where to find products or services which can resonate with your particular shopping target is very important.
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As the world's largest e-commerce website platform service provider, Shopify is particularly popular with smaller e-commerce brands and business. In just a few years, there are more than 600,000 merchants, and it's business scope covers 175 countries. The sellers are always trying to find out the right product to entice customers and design their online shops that effectively give customers what they need. The product of most shop is vertically segmented and focused on single category products so that it can be more professional and better serve customers. Specified offerings tailored to customer needs is also available in many stores.
Shopify shopping Platform
Shopify stores are typically promoted through social media, accumulating specific fan bases and then developing them into potential consumers. Through frequent interactions and communication, the concept of brand culture and goods can be better recognized by fans and consumers. Sellers offer goods of a specific category through daily promotion and they have a better understanding of product and customer needs. Consumers can choose goods and services within a specific small range, avoiding the difficulty of choosing between merchants and mass goods on large platforms such as Amazon or eBay.
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Amazon is very different. It is more likely a site full of everyday products which meant to serve the basic living needs of humans. When you type a product name into the search box, Amazon will give you over 100,000 or even more options. Usually, they don’t vary much by price, and each listing in the first few pages will have hundreds of reviews and good ratings (4-5 stars). Even if you have very specific shopping target and preferences, you will still get lost in the many search results and have choice anxiety.
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With so many items and sellers competing with each other, the buyers can choose affordable products and get the best possible price. There are also various blogs of shopping skill to show us how to take advantage of Amazon's deals, shipping, payments, and more. They introduce plenty of third-party apps to track prices. These APP will email you whenever your favorite product at your target price or shows you relevant deals right in the Amazon window before your purchasing.
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Shopping in Shopify is like visiting a niche store. In the process of selling goods, sellers will share the stories behind their respective product cards, making products and services more dynamic. In the process of promotion, there is often the participation of popular bloggers, which are very attractive to consumers of specific groups. Consumers can also act as participants to visually witness the growth of brands and stores.

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Shopping at Amazon is like visiting a supermarket. The personality of brands and goods has been weakened. The fun of shopping is to pick out affordable products in a huge number of brands and promotions. Shopping is like an adventure, and you can always get different surprises. Buying all the goods you need at one time is also very convenient for consumers.
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Many brands sell their products and services both on the online Shopify niche stores and also on major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or eBay. We can choose the right channel to start a wonderful shopping trip according to different situations.