What you need to know about trampoline.

Who invent the trampoline?
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It all started in 1930's Italy. In an Italian circus, two trapeze artists were amusing themselves by bouncing on their safety net they had installed in case of a fall of their trapeze.

They call it Due Trampoline and began to use this net for acrobatics. Thus, they would have had the idea to create an activity in itself, a hanging net, powerful enough to perform acrobatic tricks.
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In 1934, at an American university, two physical education teachers, George Nissen and Larry Griswold, developed the first trampoline. It was first the circus acrobats who used these sports trampolines for their warm-ups.

The trampoline was then marketed very quickly to become a training medium for many sports: acrobatics, gymnastics, figure skating, diving ....

When the Man had the idea to go to visit the Moon, the trampolines became the ground of preparation of the astronauts! American and Soviet astronauts used the trampoline in their training. This allowed them to try the effects of weightlessness.

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How dangerous are trampolines?

As a fun way to get physical exercise trampolines is not 100% safe for sure. In fact, kids didn't really understand that risks involved in every childhood activities.

Swimming or biking definitely hospitalize more kids than trampolines but these activities are still very popular. It is very important that parents take necessary precautions.
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If you follow the safety rules and instructions, trampoline is quite safe. When kids playing on trampoline they are trying flips and twists freely. Jumping solo is just like letting your kids go swimming without any supervision.

Parents and spotters should not allow any gymnastic exercises or stunts. When your kids really want to try the flips, they should be in a special training program.
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Here is the AAP’s recommends and safety precautions of home trampoline:
1.Adult supervision at all times
2.Only one jumper on the trampoline at a time
3.No somersaults performed
4.Adequate protective padding on the trampoline ( good condition and appropriately placed)
5.Check all equipment often
6.Damaged components should be repaired or replaced
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